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Eye Physicians & Surgeons

The mission of the Missouri Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons (MoSEPS) is to represent Missouri ophthalmology by providing educational opportunities, legislative advocacy, and practice enhancement to members such that quality medical and surgical eye care is promoted for the citizens of Missouri.

The members of the Missouri Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons are dedicated to providing the best medical, surgical and routine eye care possible.  As physicians, they pledge to serve as patient advocates both inside and outside the exam room. 

Nearly 500 ophthalmologists practice throughout the state of Missouri in more than 124 communities.  Indeed, no citizen of the state is more than 45 minutes away from an EyeMD's services.

Ophthalmologists provide comprehensive eye care to families, senior citizens and children.  Many specialize in treating diseases such as glaucoma, retina disorders or cornea problems.  Others focus their practice on pediatric patients or refractive surgery.

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