Kathy Sun, MD​



Denise Hug, MD



Heeral Shah, MD

St. Louis Director 

David Vollman, MD


St. Louis Director 

Jonathan Schell, MD

St. Louis Director 

Sharon Jick, MD


Outstate Director

Wayne Davis, DO

Outstate Director

Steve Cohen, MD

Outstate Director 

Heeral Shah, MD

Kansas City Director 

Scott Murphy, MD


Kansas City Director

Matt Sniegowski, MD


Kansas City Director

Dustin McKnight, MD

Membership Chair

John C. Hagan, III MD

Legislative Chair

John B. Holds, MD FACS

Legislative Committee

Michael S. Korenfeld, MD

Health Plan Relations

Stephen Slocum, MD


AAO Councillor 

P. Kumar Rao, MD

Missouri Eye-PAC Treasurer

Matthew T. Lewis, MD


Surgery by Surgeons PAC Treasurer

James G. Luetkemeyer, MD

Past Presidents

2019 Past President
Steven Shields, MD

2018 Past President

Abraham Poulose, MD

2017 Past President

Trey Butler, MD


2016 Past President

P. Kumar Rao, MD


2015 Past President

Kevin Skelsey, MD


2014 Past President

Jerry Blair, MD, PhD


2013 Past President

Elliot Korn, MD


2012 Past President

Nelson Sabates, MD

2011 Past President

Dean P. Hainsworth, MD

2010 Past President

Linda Tsai, MD


2009 Past President

John F. Doane, MD

2008 Past President 

William V. Walters, MD (deceased)


2006 Past President

Melissa G. Toyos, MD (practicing out of state)


2005 Past President

James G. Luetkemeyer, MD


2004 Past President

Joan M. Pernoud, MD


2003 Past President

John W. Cowden, MD

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