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MoSEPS offers a number of membership categories and options to meet your needs. Following is a short summary of your choices, along with the dues amounts for each category. MoSEPS’ membership is based on the calendar year.  Membership privileges are not transferable. 

Malpractice Insurance Discount:  MoSEPS members who are OMIC-insured qualify for up to a 10% discount on their next renewal premium. OMIC is an approved medical professional liability carrier of MoSEPS.

MoSEPS Membership

Practice Membership Categories

Provides full membership for all ophthalmologists in the practice, as well as member benefits for non-physician employees and the practice itself.  Doctors in a member practice do not also need an individual membership.  Dues are based on the number of ophthalmologists in the practice. Discounts available if any practice physicians qualify for new ophthalmologist in practice; part-time doctors or semi-retired doctors. 

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